In the world...
but not of it.
The Word is the Truth
The Truth is in the story
In the beginning was the word...therefore, I write.

Welcome to my corner!

jackieJacqueline D. Moore is a Christian author who uses the power of her spirit and soul, combined with her God-given ability to transform lives with words to offer spiritual enlightenment and encouragement daily to her readers and devoted followers. Jackie is the author “Serving Justice” which won an award for 2009 African American Literary Show romance author of the year, “Caught in the Middle” and “Chains of Deception.” All under the Peace in the Storm Publishing imprint.”Her upcoming release “The Waiting Room” which will be available summer of 2015, is a series of short stories that highlight many of today’s hot topics such as Domestic Violence, Bullying, Teen Suicide and many more.